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©PreservedFlora is an established family-run business operating within the UK and European market; providing ethically sourced preserved roses for all types of celebrations and home décor. 

Our Roses

Here at Preserved Flora, we set out on a mission to source the highest quality roses that would last the longest. We tested different roses from multiple continents with various preserving processes and materials until we found the best.

Our roses are unlike any other - the vibrance, the bloom and longevity of our eternal roses allow us to provide the greatest value for money. So that you can enjoy showcasing your elegant pieces without breaking the bank. 

Our roses have been preserved to ensure they are allergen free and safe to house among children and pets. The preservation process allows for increased longevity of the roses to up to 5 years without any need for sunlight or water! 

Sustainably Sourced

We source our roses from East Asia, from large flower gardens with over 200 acres of roses; rich in natural resources with the largest diversity of plant life in Asia.

Each rose is handpicked by expert florists in Spring and checked twice for quality before being cut and dried in Ethyl to remove its allergens. The roses are then preserved in a glycerin solution for 2 weeks to maintain the rose shape before being dipped in natural plant dye to maintain its original colour. 

Using sustainable materials to preserve our roses allows us to provide the safest and most sustainable roses without reducing our exceptional quality.

Our roses are good for the environment, require less maintenance and are allergen free!

©PreservedFlora 2021


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